A unique AI platform dedicated to customer experience


A sole product is not enough, a global experience is all

Our vision is to propose - from an unique platform - all the solutions that will allow shops to become experience and life place, by being frictionless for the final consumer  and by improving the relation between this final consumer and the retailer

We want our solution to bring a fast ROI by being affordable, quicky integrable in a IS landscape and have a large functional coverage, from supply chain to checkout

Notre actualité

La transformation digitale dans le commerce.

Alors que les grandes enseignes cherchent à faire évoluer leurs commerce. Stéphane Soumier donne la parole aux acteurs de ces changements. En effet, Aurélien Escartin a été invité le 5[…]

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Liveroll.ai, le panier intelligent.

« Les chariots connectés ne circulent pas encore en magasins mais, avec l’amélioration des capacités de l’analyse d’images, de nouveaux équipements prometteurs apparaissent sur le marché. LSA vous en présente trois.[…]

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Belive.ai modernise le commerce !

Le mardi 14 mai 2019, Aurélien Escartin CEO de Belive.ai était à l’honneur dans l’émission de Stéphane Soumier pour parler du Liveroll.ai, le panier intelligent.  BFM Business est la 1ère[…]

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AI augmented shop
Our solution detects every product present on shelf and allows retailers – in real time – to:
✓ Monitor out of shelf
✓ Check compliance of shelf (planogram, labels, price…)
✓ A/B test planogram
✓ Generate heatmap of shelf performance



AI augmented restaurant 
Our solution recognize the whole content of the tray and thus, allows restaurants to :
✓ Provide “1 click” checkout
✓ Smooth affluence during rush hours
✓ Increase the performance of checkout lines so that it can deliver more services
✓ Get a better understanding of its clients
✓ Propose a better loyalty program with more sticky business


Global Offer

Belive.ai offers consists in 4 solutions that can be combined but are sold separately.

It is a sole and unique cloud platform proposing state of the art computer vision, coupled with a strong methodology. from a customer perspective, it is a SaaS solution with a fixed monthly price and an all-in-the-box setup for the “hard” part.

Those solutions are open by design, fully API based and available in a white-label mode.



Autonomous contAIner
Initially created for the works business, livepick.ai allows our customers to :
✓ Provide a assortment of goods on a 24/24 – 7/7 basis
✓ Bring goods close to the final customer (works)
✓ Create sticky business with mandatory subscription
✓ Decrease the current operational cost of existing containers



The smart checkout
Last born from our R&D, liveroll.ai has been released at the “Retail #1to1” event. This smart and lightweight shopping trolley substitute “ -10 items” till and provide a frictionless experience to the final customer. For the retailers, it allows them to :
✓ Decrease wainting lines by substituting “fast track till” or by completing them
✓ To improve loyalty program and stickyness of their clients
✓ To better manage fast track experience and so to adapt the shop for it



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