The tray that collects your dishes automatically !

Manage your restaurant via AI and image recognition.

Our vision : Set up the most innovative customer journey by going from the mini bar to the independent restaurant. The idea is to sublimate or even remove irritating points from the customer journey. Hence our ambition to make this collection invisible via a food court.

Principal irritant, waiting time at checkout


This wait is acceptable until 3/4 min maximum


1/3 of consumers prefer fast checkout


1/4 use Click and Collect


*Source : West France / Lesechommerces

Discover the solution in video

Waiting at checkout with a classic system

Our solution reduces this waiting time to 1min30.

Crowds in collective catering venues allows to cash hundreds of customers daily.

Resources allocated to clients

This technology allows cashiers to spend more time welcoming and serving customers.

An invisible solution

The simplest configuration and payment. Our cameras allow you to view your tray in real time to offer you a smooth and automatic payment in one step. A solution that offers you the possibility of limiting the points of friction for your customers.

Connected and easily deployable

After simple identification, our cameras are able to recognize all the content of your set.

Closer to your customers

By recognizing your customers and absorbing rush hours, our solution allows you to reassign your employees to their core business for better customer service.

  • Comfort

    Allows you to offer a checkout route in 1 click.

  • Performance

    Allows traffic flow during rush hour.

  • Efficiency

    Allows resources to be freed up for customer service.

  • Loyalty

    Allows you to get to know the customer better and retain them.

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