Give eyes to the points of sale

Our vision is to propose - from a unique platform - all the solutions that will allow shops to become experience and life place, by being frictionless for the final consumer ( no need to look for a missing product, scan it, wait with your tray, run to get the shop open...) and by improving the relation between this final consumer and the retailer (goods availability at the right place and in a relevant disposition, smooth checkout, right information...). We want our solutions to bring a fast ROI by being affordable, quickly integrable in a IS landscape and have a large functional coverage, from supply chain to checkout.

Fewer out-of-shelf
in shop

Measure performance instantly, identify and eliminate out-of-stock situations in shops.

Less waiting
at the checkout

Remove customer friction points to improve the relationship with retailers.

More proximity
with the customer

Propose new means of distribution by getting closer to the customer while building loyalty.


Increasing sales and customer satisfaction by helping people with a technological tool.