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50 years after the barcode,
let’s bring retail into the image era.

With unparalleled artificial intelligence, let’s revolutionize your stores by recognizing products through image, to the delight of your customers and employees.

As the prodigal daughter of the Ageco reference arrangement, the start-up was created to give eyes to your furniture in order to stop breakdowns, control your stocks in real time, automatically cash out or create the first automated nano-shops that really work.

Based on a single cloud computer vision platform, solutions meet concrete business needs. These solutions can be used separately, open by nature, and are autonomous and available in Saas by subscription, API or white label.

All eyes on your shop !

✓ No more out of stock
✓ No more waiting lines
✓ Faster Checkout
✓ Sales improvement
✓ Better both employee and customer experience

The smart shelves that stops out-of-shelves situationOur solution detects every product present on shelf and allows retailers – in real time – to:
Monitor out of shelf
Check compliance of shelf (planogram, labels, price…)
A/B test planogram
Generate heatmap of shelf performance


The container that knows exactly what it contains in real time
Initially created for the works business, allows our customers to :
Provide a assortment of goods on a 24/24 – 7/7 basis
Bring goods close to the final customer (works)
Create sticky business with mandatory subscription
Decrease the current operational cost of existing containers


The tray that chekout automatically your meals
Our solution recognize the whole content of the tray and thus, allows restaurants to :
✓ Provide “1 click” checkout
✓ Smooth affluence during rush hours
✓ Increase the performance of checkout lines so that it can deliver more services
✓ Get a better understanding of its clients
✓ Propose a better loyalty program with more sticky business


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Discover the journey

Watch the video presentation to understand how solutions will deliver unprecedented results.

The shopping cart that checkout automatically
Last born from our R&D, has been released at the “Retail #1to1” event. This smart and lightweight shopping trolley substitute “ -10 items” till and provide a frictionless experience to the final customer. For the retailers, it allows them to :
✓ Decrease wainting lines by substituting “fast track till” or by completing them
✓ To improve loyalty program and stickyness of their clients
✓ To better manage fast track experience and so to adapt the shop for it


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