Let's look at the points of sale.

Belive.ai was created to give your furniture eyes to avoid breakages, to follow your stock in real time, automatically check their status and create the first automated nano-shops that really work. Based on a unique computer vision platform, Belive.ai's solutions meet concrete business needs. Open by nature, they can be used separately. Autonomous, all our solutions are available in SaaS by subscription, API or white label.

Fewer Breakups
at the store

Instantly measure performance, identify and eliminate store breaks.

Less waiting
at checkout

Eliminate points of friction with the customer to improve the relationship with distributors.

More proximity
with the customer

Offer new means of distribution by getting closer to the customer while building loyalty.

Unmatched customer

Increase sales and the level of customer satisfaction by helping people with a technological tool.


The store powered by artificial intelligence

Our in-store efficiency solution enables real-time retailers to :
Monitor ruptures
Check the compliance of spokes (planogramme, labels, price…)
A/B testing d’implantation
Generate heat zone of spoke performance


The autonomous point of sale at the service of professionals

Dedicated to professionals, livepick.ai allows you to create a captive business with subscription and :
Provide assorted goods 24/24 – 7/7
Reconcile goods with the end customer (works)
Create a business with subscription
Reduce the current operational cost of existing containers

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