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Frustration in shop is everywhere

In today's retail environment, the customer experience is at the centre of the entire marketing strategy. Beyond the act of purchase, some brands are focusing on customer loyalty and concentrating on the customer journey to obtain a loyal and committed consumer base. However, there are several elements that can alter this experience and create irritants in the buying process itself.

Out of stock products


Too few open checkouts


Missing / incorrect price tags


Damaged / Expired goods


Dirty Shelves


Source: Nielsen / Canadian Grocer

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This is the average out-of-shelf rate observed in shops

Our solution ensures that products in stock are available for sale

Represents the no-load time used to determine out-of-shelf

The solution enables better use of employees' time

Sales on unlabelled products on the shelf ensures a consistent and well-deployed pricing policy

A light and discreet solution

Easy to set up and install. Our cameras allow you to visualise your shelves in real time thanks to the various adaptable supports, for all types of shelves via a multi-material integration.

Connected and easily deployable

Secure web access in SaaS mode via 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Robust and scalable

Our web platform is easily scalable to fit your needs. It is the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology for tomorrow's business.

  • Out of Shelf

    Helps to stop stock-outs on the shelf.

  • Performance

    Allows for improved performance of facilities.

  • Compliance

    Allows the conformity of the planogram to be checked.

  • Alert

    Provides information in the event of a disturbance.

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