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The main irritants
physical commerce

Today, in a point of sale, the customer experience is at the center of the entire marketing strategy. Beyond the act of purchase, some brands are privileged to build loyalty and focus on the customer journey to obtain a base of loyal and engaged consumers. However, several elements can alter this experience and thus create irritating points in the purchasing process itself.

Out of stock products


Lack of open cash register


Absence / Label error


Broken products / expired


Dirty gondolas / in bazaar


*Source : Nielsen / Canadian Grocer

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This is the average breakage rate observed in the store

Our solution makes it possible to ensure the presence for sale of products in stock

Represents the empty time used to observe the breaks

The solution makes better use of employees' time

Sale on products without labels on the shelves ensures a consistent and well-deployed pricing policy

A light and discreet solution

The simplest configuration and installation. Our cameras allow you to view your rays in real time thanks to the various adaptable supports, for all types of gondolas via multi-material integration.

Connected and easily deployable

Secure web accessibility in SaaS mode via 4G or Wifi connectivity.

Robust and scalable

Our web platform is easily scalable to adapt to your needs. These are the very latest Artificial Intelligence technologies for the commerce of tomorrow.

  • Ruptures

    Allows to stop in-shelf breaks.

  • Performance

    Improves the performance of installations.

  • Conformity

    Used to check the compliance of the planogram.

  • Alert

    Allows to inform in case of disorder.

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