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Bring the product closer to the end customer

Our vision is to bring the customer experience to a new level. This means addressing the challenges of today's business environment, especially the need for a change in the traditional business environment that is no longer present. From the customer's point of view, this will ensure efficient management of the goods and a clear overview of the customer's needs.


Material procurement as the second most important source of delays on construction sites.

*What: maf / the monitor

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A real-time monitoring

Thanks to our web site, we can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your products in real time. ticket control, control of your shop, data export and much more.


For the customer, it is not easy, it only needs to be handled and moved. For the customer, our solution is an excellent tool, which is in the right position to support the entire supply chain.

Simplified customer access

Set up quickly and easily, can be accessed in two ways: with an ID card, the z. B. contains your company identifier, or via our app, with which you can open the store and receive a ticket at the end of your purchase through a simple notification.

  • vicinity

    New sales channels, which is closer to the end customer.

  • Availability

    Increase product availability 24/7.

  • Autonomy

    100% autonomous and steerable thanks to its web-based technology

  • steering

    Control your store data, control and measure

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