The cashierless store dedicated to B2B !

Bring the product closer
to the end customer

Our vision is to rethink the customer experience. The aim here is to respond to the challenges of today's commerce, particularly the desire to meet a demand where traditional commerce is not present. From the customer's point of view, this will enable them to manage markdowns more effectively and to have a more accurate view of their stocks.


The supply of materials as the second
source of construction delays.

Source: maf / the monitor

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Real-time monitoring

Thanks to its web interface, our solution gives you a complete view of your products in real time. Ticket control, shop management, data export and much more.


For the customer, nothing could be simpler, just help yourself and leave. For the user, our solution proves to be a real tool capable of controlling your entire remote sales outlet.

Simplified customer access

Simple and quick to set up, access can be achieved in two ways: by badge containing for example your company ID or via our application which will allow you to open the shop and receive a ticket at the end of your purchases by a simple notification.

  • Proximity

    New distribution method closer to the end customer.

  • Availability

    Increase product availability 24/7

  • Autonomy

    100% autonomous and controllable through its web interface

  • Control

    Manage, control and measure your shop data

Latest addition:
the Hammel GO stand-alone store!

Discover Hammel Go, our latest and unique supply solution that allows professional craftsmen to stock up 24/7 in complete autonomy.
The identification of customers at the entrance allows them to access the store and to stock up 24/7 on nearly 300 products!
Our solution allows the recognition of the customer, the application of his preferential tariff and payment conditions, but also the recognition of the products he will have taken during his purchase.

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